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Bluetooth Terms and Definitions

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018 11:13AM CST
Bluetooth Terms and What They Mean:
  • Pairing - 1st step that a BT device must complete in order to work with another BT device.  The BT device is asking a second device that also has to be in pairing mode to agree to connect with it.  Another term to describe this step could be "ASKING" or "SEARCHING OUT." 
  • Connected - When the two BT devices have completed the pairing step, they can now communicate exclusively with each other.  In some cases the device automatically completes the connect step (QT4 mic). In the case of cellphones, the connect step may need to be selected on the cellphone's Bluetooth menu.  They are not transmitting sound but are ready to do so. 
  • Actively Connected - The sound is now actually being transmitted to and from (in some cases) the two BT devices. 

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