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Echo on the QH2

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2018 09:20AM CDT
If you are experiencing an echo or feedback when using your QH2, there are several steps you can take to correct the issue. We have listed these below.
  1. Verify that the dial on the bottom is on the correct setting for your phone.  This is done by using the handset of the phone.  Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.  If you hear the dial tone, make sure that you can use the Volume and Tone buttons on the QH2 to amplify the sound.  If you can, then you are on the right setting.  If not, then click around the dial on the  underside of the QH2 until you find the setting where you can hear and amplify the dial tone.  
  2. Once you have a dial tone, you can again use the Bluetooth feature on the QH2.  If you are hearing an echo, lower the volume on the phone the QH2 is connected to and see if that resolves the issue.  The phone volume is usually the cause of the echo.  

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