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Setting Auto-Amplify on the A55

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017 10:56AM CDT
  1. Open the A55 cordless telephone handset battery compartment  and remove the batteries. There is a small switch in the battery compartment located to the right of the batteries.. 
  2. Find the toggle switch, it looks like a light switch. Set it either UP for Auto Amplify ON or DOWN for Auto Amplify OFF.  You can use the tip of either a pen or a pencil to move this switch to your desired position. 
  3. If you select Auto Amplify ON, the handset volume will default to be amplified for each new phone call.  Those who do not need the additional volume can  tap on the Amplify button on the right side of the handset to temporarily turn it off during the call. The sound level will reset to Amplify ON at the completion of each call. 
  4. If you select Auto Amplify OFF, the default volume will be set to normal volume level (not amplified).  If someone wants to amplify a call, they may temporarily turn this feature on during a call by tapping on the Amplify button.  The sound will reset to normal volume at the end of each call. 

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