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WIL95 Initial Set-Up

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2017 02:21PM CDT
WIL95 Set-up:
  1. Take everything out of the package and plug the AC adapter into the top left of the WIL95.  Plug the adapter into an active electrical outlet.  
  2. Unplug the curly cord from the base of the phone you are going to attach the WIL95 to and plug the end of the curly cord into the jack on the WIL95 marked Handset.
  3. Plug the short white handset cord into the base of the telephone and plug the other end of the handset cord into the jack on the WIL95 marked Base.
  4. You should see a green light glowing on the WIL95.  Lift the handset of the phone and listen for the dial tone.  If you hear the dial tone, move the Volume and Tone controls on the WIL95 and see if there is a distinct difference in sound.  If there is, then you have the WIL95 on the correct setting and it is ready to use.  
  5. If you do not see a green light, lift the handset and turn the WIL95 over.  You will see a dial on the underside of the WIL95.  Move the dial one position at a time and listen for the dial tone.  (You will probably need to hang up the handset and pick it up again to re-set the dial tone during this process). When you hear the dial tone, look for the green light and try adjusting the Volume and Tone and listen for a change in sound.  Once you have the green light and a change in sound, you are on the right setting.  

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