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Latency on the CLTVBT

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017 09:36AM CDT
There is a possibility you will detect a slight delay in sound transmission when using your CLTVBT.  Bluetooth transmission requires a compression of the sound in order to transmit to the receiver which then uncompresses the sound.  This results in a slight delay of about 100-200 milliseconds.  That equates to 200/1000 of a second - or 1/5 of a second.  This is such a minute amount of latency that it is barely noticeable between the video and the audio.  The only time it becomes noticeable is if you have your television speaker volume on so loud that you will hear both the sound from the speaker and the sound from the Bluetooth headset/receiver.  It would give you an impression of an "echo."  Turning down the speaker sound helps so that the listener is only hearing the sound that is being picked up through their headset receiver.


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