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Listening to and Deleting Answering Machine Messages

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017 03:24PM CDT
Listening to and Deleting messages on the base of the A1600BT
  1. To listen to messages, tap the Play/Stop key in the upper right corner of the base of the phone.  The key is just above and to the right of the #3 key. It has a black triangle pointing to the right and a black square on it.
  2. The speakerphone will announce "You have ___ new messages."  It will then begin to play your messages.
  3. While you are listening to a message, you can delete it by pressing the DEL key on the base while the message is playing. 
  4. To delete all messages at once, just press and hold the DEL key while the phone is not in use. Hold the key until you hear a confirmation beep.  
Listening to and Deleting messages using the handset of the A1600BT
  1. Press the right soft key under TAM. (The soft keys are the 2 black keys directly under the Caller ID screen.  They have horizontal white in them that look like minus signs).
  2. You will see a menu on the screen and the word Message will have an arrow next to it.  Tap the left soft key under the word Select to get into the messages.  
  3. You will see MSG Playback, Delete All, and Memo on the screen. Tap the left soft key under Select to play your messages.  
  4. If you would like to delete your messages as they play, tap the 0 key while the message is playing.
  5. If you would like to delete all your messages at once, tap the right soft key under the word Back and tap the bottom edge of the large key to move down to Delete All then tap the left soft key under Select
  6. Tap the left soft key under Select twice to confirm the deletion of all messages.  


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