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Registering Additional Handsets to the A1600BT

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018 03:08PM CDT
To register an additional handset to your A1600BT:
1. Remove the handset from the main base of the A1600BT
2. Press and hold the Page key on the base of the phone until you hear a long, loud beep. Then release the button. (The Page key can be found along the right hand side of the base where the answering machine keys are. It looks like a dot with 3 closed parentheses after it.)
3. Once you have released the Page button, tap the left soft key on the handset under the word Menu. (The soft keys can be found directly under the Caller ID screen and look like minus signs.)
4. Tap the bottom edge of the center navigation key under the phonebook icon until the arrow on the screen is next to the word Registration. (The navigation key is the large square key in the center under the Caller ID screen. It has 4 little icons on it.)
5. Tap the left soft key under the word Select.
6. The handset will show Searching… until it discovers the base and then the display will change to HS-2 or whatever handset it is in the sequence.
7. If you need to register more than one additional handset, you will have to re-set the phone by putting the handset back in the base then taking it out again.


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