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QH2 Set-up

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2018 02:39PM CDT
Here are a few tips for setting up the hub for the first time. 
  1. After installing the hub onto the telephone, the handset amplifier function needs to be tested using the 12 channels on the underside of the hub.  Usually there is one particular channel which is the correct one.  You will be able to identify the correct channel when you hear the dial tone and the Volume and Tone buttons noticeably change the sound coming through the handset.  By calling a friend and going slowly around all the channels, you can usually determine which one is the appropriate choice.  A green light on the hub should be illuminated.  
  2. A Bluetooth headset, neckloop, or streamer needs to be paired to the QH2.  Press and hold the silver button on the hub until the light is flashing blue and red.  This puts the hub in Pairing mode, so it is looking for a headset.  Then put your Bluetooth headset, neckloop, or streamer into pairing mode so it finds the hub.  Once the headset is connected, you will see a single blue flash every 3 seconds on the hub.  You are now connected.
  3. When you see the slow flashing pattern, once every 3 seconds, tap the Bluetooth button on the hub once and lift the handset.  The dial tone should be heard through your Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer device. The flashing light on the hub will give 2 quick blue flashes every 3 seconds. 
  4. When your telephone conversation is completed, just tap once on the Bluetooth button and hang up the handset. This will end the call.  

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