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Internal vs External QT4MIC Microphone

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 09:56AM CST

The internal microphone is built into the main Quattro 4.0 neckloop.  The internal microphone is used for OUTGOING sound.  When you are using the Quattro 4.0 with your cell phone, the internal microphone will pick up your outgoing voice and transmit it to the person you are talking to.  That way you do not have to hold the cell phone up to your mouth to get the outgoing sound.  The internal microphone will NOT pick up the sounds of people trying to talk to you.  It does not send sound to your t-coils.  

The external microphone is the detachable microphone that must be connected to the Quattro 4.0 via Bluetooth in order to send sound. The external microphone is used for INCOMING sound. This microphone sends outside sound to the Quattro 4.0 so that it can be sent to your t-coils. The external microphone should be held by the person you would like to hear speaking.  It can also be placed in the center of a table so that it can pick up the voices of all the people at the table.  The external microphone should NOT be left attached to the Quattro 4.0 while the Quattro 4.0 is being worn around the neck. The microphone should only be attached to the Quattro 4.0 while it is being charged.  


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